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Owned media

A new strategy that does not rely on advertising

Do you have any problems with your site?
Want to start measures that don't start to rely on advertising
The cost effectiveness of advertising costs is getting worse year by year
I want to make owned media but I don't know what to start with

SEOstyle's owned media construction service solves that problem!

When attracting customers with only paid media (advertising), there is a tendency that cost effectiveness is getting worse year by year.

Therefore, you can approach a wide range of users by covering the potential layers that cannot be covered by the main site alone.

By developing potential customers on the site and developing customers within the site, natural inflows will increase as a result, leading to improved cost effectiveness.

We also produce content necessary for owned media.

Strengths of our owned media construction service

The infrastructure (domains, etc.) required for building owned media will be improved.

We have a track record of selecting and selling highly authoritative domains for many years, as well as analysis strategies for construction, and we can use the know-how to provide high-quality domains necessary for the construction of owned media.

We also produce content necessary for owned media.

What is owned media?

Owned Media is a collective term for “owned media”. Originally refers to all pamphlets and company websites, but recently it often refers to blogs and information websites that operate and disseminate information in-house.

Purpose of owned media

(1) Make people aware of products and services

No matter how good a product or technology you have, if you do not know it, it will be the same as it does not exist.

That said, investing in advertising in a big way is a way possible for a few large companies.

Therefore, by running owned media, you can get to know the product without spending a budget, and by continuing to post content, the site will be evaluated and the recognition will increase further ... Can produce.

By actively using owned media in this way, you can get to know your products and services and increase potential customers.

(2) Those who like companies, products and services

After increasing the potential customers, let's increase the number of good customers.

Good customers are fans of companies, products and services, so they are more likely to use the products and services over and over again.

It is so-called repeater acquisition. Then SNS (Twitter, instagram, facebook, etc.) is okay? You may be wondering.

The strength of owned media is that you can increase the value of your assets by increasing your fans more pinpoints by focusing on themes to a certain extent, and enhancing the content.

Another characteristic is that the number of inquiries will grow naturally as a result of being evaluated by search engines.

How to get started with owned media

I have decided to start and run owned media, but here is a summary of what to start with.

  1. Persona (reader) setting "Who will deliver this media to?"
    A persona is a person who will visit the media. Persona is generally considered to be more specific, but if it is too specific, it will be pulled by the persona image and become a medium that only some people can reach.
  2. Site concept design “What to offer”
    Once the persona has been set, design the concept accordingly. Who will deliver “what”? The target is the stage where the media content is clarified by clarifying what information is needed.
  3. Customer journey design
  4. Site setting
  5. Site operation through article updates and site improvements

I really want to start owned media!

By the way, let's actually start own media once you get here!

If your company is difficult, such as "I don't know what to do" or "I don't have enough resources", please contact us using this inquiry form.

Let's walk together with marketing for the future.