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Representative Director Hiroshi Ishiura

Graduated from Faculty of Science and Technology Information Science, Teikyo University (Journal of Multi-Kei Tsutsui(Currently SOFTBANK BB (Ltd.) Director C.T.O.)Laboratory

e-Entertainment, Inc.We established, engaged in start-up company as Executive Vice President and CTO. 2009 year 2 month, was invited to the (listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange) President's Office, Inc. optical communication as a project member new business / new company start-up,Crown Consulting, Inc.

Hiroto Sugii Outside Director and Advisor

Waseda University School of Commerce graduate specializes in "information systems and decision-making" (before undergraduate Nagatsuji seminar)
-Ltd. Sugii Hiroto ProjectsPresident & CEO
-e-Entertainment, Inc.Executive vice-president
· Business Solutions Co., Ltd. SBI, technical advisor
· Co. freeway Japan, technical advisor
Sakura consultation group, new business development adviser

· Involved in the system construction of 500 more sales, inventory, accounting, and production management
· To develop accounting package to "declaration blue!'ll Do", in the performance of total 30 million bottles, Nikkei Best Impact Award
And deployment · Barrington Univ. MBA get prematurely ASP service cooperation Yahoo, NIFTY, etc. Biglobe the Internet business.
In the book "Data is garbage information jewelry"ISBN4-7955-9911-0