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Automatic translation system | GTranslate


Supports 104 languages

In addition to English, Chinese, and Korean, you can freely select what you need from major languages.
The price is the same no matter how many languages ​​you choose!

Reduce translation effort

The homepage is automatically translated immediately after installation.
As pages are added, they are automatically translated, so there is no need to create a translation page for each language.

Monthly X NUM X yen (excluding tax)

Overwhelmingly low price compared to competing services! An investment of 5,000 (excluding tax) per month can be easily recovered.

Attract customers from overseas search engines

Each language will have a separate URL (homepage address).
(Example) URL corresponding to French
– Http://domain.com/fr/ (Pro version)
– Http://fr.domain.com/ (Enterprise version)

As a result, translated pages are registered (indexed) in overseas search engines, increasing access via search engines.

Edit translations individually

You can edit the translation manually using the editor directly from the browser. This is very useful when industry-specific words or proper nouns are not translated correctly.

Professional translation correction (optional)

You can order translations professionally directly from the website, in sentence units.
3 yen ~ / letter (Japanese ⇒ English) is a reliable translation by a native speaker.
* Reference For 1 page 1000 characters, 2,000 ~ 3,000 yen / page

Centrally manage translation data in the cloud

Translation data is stored in the cloud. Use cloud technology and professional translation to improve translation quality over time.
In addition, it is very easy to install because there is no need to prepare servers or install software.
If you are using the enterprise version, you only need to set up a name server.

Custom domain settings by language

Each language can have a different domain.
For example, if you have a domain called domain.jp, you can set up a domain name of domain.fr in the French version, which will be displayed in the results of local search engines. .