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8ppy Call

8ppy Call is an epoch-making service that allows you to make and receive landlines even when you are away from the office.
It is a service that opens up endless possibilities to landlines, such as landlines, web conferencing, chatbots, and phone response analysis (call tracking).

8ppy Call consists of 8ppy Call, which is specialized for telephones, 8ppy Call Meet for web conferencing, 8ppy Call Chat, which is indispensable for introducing chatbots, and 8ppy Call Analytics, which can analyze telephone echoes.

8ppy Call

8ppy Call is a service based on the concept that you can freely use your company's landline and extension anywhere.
Even if you don't go to work by remote work, or if all the employees are paying out in sales, you can handle company calls and extension calls between employees with your smartphone app or PC.
Also, even if you move your office, you can continue to use your phone number, eliminating the complicated work of moving.

  • You can use your company phone anytime, anywhere, even with remote work
  • Even if you move the office, the phone number remains the same and no construction costs are required.
  • App can be used on smartphones
  • You can make and receive calls directly from your browser

8ppy Call Meet

Have you ever been worried about the complexity and security of third-party web conferencing services?
With 8ppy Call Meet, you don't need to register an account, just share the URL from your browser to the participants and have them participate.
You can also participate from your smartphone or from the dedicated app.
You can also share documents and make presentations on the whiteboard.

  • No need to get an account
  • You can participate with the smartphone app even when you are away from home
  • No time limit
  • With presentation / remote assist tool

8ppy Call Chat

Chatbots that can respond to website inquiries in real time are being introduced in all industries.
With 8ppy Call, it's easy to introduce a chatbot.
We also have a mode that allows you to answer inquiries from customers in real time.

  • Inquiry response can be selected from real-time or automatic response
  • Reducing the cost of introducing a separate chatbot
  • Customize chat content for business hours
  • DX (Digital Transformation) enables customer support on the web

8ppy Call Analytics [Options]

Many companies measure the effectiveness of websites, but how do you get the phone response?
8ppy Call Analytics can convert phone echoes into data, analyze user behavior that was previously obtained only as a sensory value, and measure the effect.
With this call tracking solution, you can focus your advertising costs on effective media.

  • Data conversion, analysis and effect measurement of telephone echoes are possible
  • Focus advertising costs on media that are highly effective in measuring effectiveness
  • By changing the phone number for each media and region, the effect of non-web advertisements can be seen at a glance.
  • In-house production of call center operations is possible by linking with CRM

With the release of this service, the service site has also been released from April 4st.