Carrier adoption

Adoption message

In order to realize the corporate philosophy, we are looking for a planning sales position. If you are interested please apply.

Mid-career recruitment (planning sales) recruitment information

It is a job of delivering a new service "designing a way of life" to users through attracting customers and promoting sales
We will recruit new people who will put on the service of unprecedented service as a business and will spread new value to the world.

Employment status Permanent
※ Trial period 3 months to 6 months. There is no change in salary / treatment.
Qualifications Essential skills

  • · Basic operation of Word, Excel, PPT
  • · Experienced social worker of about 2 years
    We do not ask anything about the field or the work we have been doing.
    I am assuming those who can have a good manners and responses as society people.

Welcome conditions

  • · Experienced venture company internship
  • · Experienced entrepreneurs
  • · Experienced service industry such as restaurant / retail shop
  • · Basic knowledge on web related knowledge
  • · Experienced web marketing, producer, planning sales, operation etc
Work location Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1-3-18 Hiroo office building 10 floor -A
From JR Yamanote line "Ebisu station" walk 5 minutes
※ There is no transfer. 100% It is in-house development.
Working hours 10: 00 ~ 19: 00 Actual work 8 hours
Salary Monthly salary 22 over ten thousand yen ~
* Considering experience / capability, we will give · preferential treatment.
* For monthly salary, include only overtime work allowance for month 40 hours (month XNUM X million X NUMX yen or more). We will separately pay for overtime work overtime.
  • · Saturday, Sunday (full weekly 2 day system)
  • ·public holiday
  • ·New Year holiday
  • ·Summer vacation
  • · Golden week
  • ·paid holidays
  • · Congratulations on holiday
  • · Salary revision year 1 times
  • · Social insurance
  • · Transportation expenses (up to 3 million per month)
  • · Housing allowance
    (Paid from half a year after entering company. Depending on the distance from the company, 1 10,000 5000 yen to 3 10,000 yen + security deposit 1 months)
  • · Private clothes work permitted
  • · Online video learning service Schoo
  • · Petit company food office kettle
  • · Water and coffee etc are free

【How to apply from a job change】
We will contact you for details after the document review. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

【Application method from official website】
Resume (attached photo), a resume service (only in mid-career)Contact form on our adoption page, Or send by post. After document examination, we will contact you for details.