Welfare introduction

We offer various benefits based on the elements of 12 that we consider as important as we consider "lifestyle design" as well as various social insurances.

"Clothing" "Healing"

  • Joining the welfare station
    We subscribe to the welfare station at company expense.
    Staff can receive esthetics and clothing purchases at special prices from this service.
  • Setting up a relaxing space
    A relaxing space set up in response to a request from a pregnant employee who wants a place to lie down at work. Cushions and low sofas that wrap the whole body welcome the staff who are tired from work.
  • Massage equipment
    There are massage devices for the neck and shoulders to relieve fatigue when working on a computer that overuses the eyes, shoulders and waist.

"Food" "Living"

  • Nescafe Ambassador Water Server
    A Nescafe ambassador is installed in the office, and the staff can enjoy drinks such as tea, coffee and cocoa free of charge at any time. Water servers are also freely available.
  • Office Glico, etc.
    Sweets and energy drinks are installed in the office. You can purchase it easily when you are hungry or want to concentrate.
  • Housing allowance system
    A monthly rent subsidy of up to 2 10,000 yen will be provided every month for employees who have been in the company for half a year or more to move into properties within 3 stations from the nearest station. The amount to be paid is determined taking into account commuting time and rent.
    The aim is to reduce commuting time by living closer to the company, improve performance both public and private, and enjoy the lifestyle around Ebisu, the office location.
  • Subsidized initial cost
    For employees who have been in the company for six months or more, the initial cost will be subsidized up to 10 10,000 yen when moving into a property covered by the housing allowance system.

"Ken" "Beauty"

  • Staff Health Promotion Plan-Muscle Training
    An IT company that has a lot of work to sit on, and whose body tends to decline. Based on the concept that “good products come from a healthy body”, we have set up Wondercore 2 so that companies can also train.
  • Staff Health Promotion Plan -Aerobic Exercise-
    The company will subsidize all usage fees in the pool specified by the company.
    Applicants will also be able to receive swimming instructions from the president of the national convention experience.
  • Staff Health Promotion Plan-Balance Ball Chair Loan Edition-
    We lend balance ball chair to applicant. While working, you can train your trunk and make a beautiful body.
  • Staff Health Promotion Plan-Health Checkup Cost Assistance-
    The company will subsidize an upper limit of 5 thousand yen including the basic medical examination fee.
    Depending on your health and age, you can choose the optional health checkup you want to receive.

"Love" "Low"

  • A croissant present on payday
    On the salary day of 15 every month, the president gives a croissant with gratitude to the staff.
  • Birthday surprise
    On the birthday of the staff, the president will also give a surprise birthday. In addition to cakes, presents will be prepared for the birthday staff.
  • Regular interviews with the president and human resources department
    Regular individual interviews with the president are held once a year.In addition, if you have any concerns or want to consult with us in your daily work, you can always have an interview with the president.
    In addition, new employees are interviewed with the 1 General Affairs Department every month. I will not say anything about the interview unless I wish. We are creating an environment where you can vomit uneasy or worried in a new environment without having to be alone.

"Play" "Study"

  • Employee excursion
    We are looking for hot spots that the staff are interested in, and sometimes go up and experience the work.
    The aim is to improve the creativity by improving the cutting-edge sensibility, and at the same time, the exchanges between the staff.
  • Company-wide lunch and drinking party
    The company bears the cost of eating and drinking when a new staff member joins, a year-end party, a commemorative drinking party, and a request from a staff member who wants to visit a hot topic.
  • Without limit. Supporting employees' aspirations by purchasing books
    Technical books, business books, and other books necessary for business and skill improvement can be purchased at the company by applying to the president. There is no maximum amount.
  • Participation system for participation fees for seminars and study sessions
    A subsidy of up to 1 thousand yen per 5 month will be provided for participation in paid seminars and study sessions.
  • Qualification assistance system
    For the qualifications specified by the company or the qualifications proposed by the staff and approved by the president, we will subsidize the examination fee up to 2 10,000 yen.
    For qualifications that need to be renewed, half the renewal fee will be paid. Get lifelong qualifications and improve your skills.

"Work" "Wealth"

  • Salary increase system (once a year)
    The salary will be raised every 6 month (the first year will change depending on the time of joining the company).
  • Implementation of flextime system
    We have introduced a flextime system for employees who have completed the trial period.
    Core time is from 11:00 to 16:00.We recommend that each employee work independently so that he / she can meet the prescribed number of working hours per month while observing the core time.
    The time span will be expanded in the future due to the introduction of the test.
  • Support for remote work
    We allow employees who have completed the trial period to work remotely once a week.We also provide permission to work from home for a long period of time in response to consultations on physical condition and family circumstances.
    Furthermore, in addition to the above-mentioned remote work during normal times, we may also carry out temporary teleworking for all employees in order to protect the safe execution of work by employees.
  • Efforts toward systemization of reduced working hours
    We have begun to move toward a full-time system so that employees with physical condition and private circumstances can take advantage of the company's pregnancy and maternity leave so that they can perform at our company.
    As a track record, in addition to shortening working hours and adjusting the amount of work in consultation with the person, we have interviews as needed to give feedback on whether the system is in line with the current situation.
    We have the president's idea that the internal system is not given by the company unilaterally, but draws up the employees and the public. Our goal is to create all benefits, not just for short-time work, with new employees.