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SEO / WEB consulting

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Content marketing

Content marketing

A bridge between users and businesses

Do you have any problems with the site management?

  • Difficult to explain the features of products and services ...
  • I wrote a lot of articles but no results ...
  • I want to increase the number of repeat visitors to my site but I do n’t know what to do
  • Unable to appeal the difference from the competition, it will be buried ...

SEOstyle content marketing solves that problem!

Do you need various contents depending on your needs, such as articles, graphs, questionnaires, and word-of-mouth?

However, I often hear about stories that were made on behalf of suppliers, but were not successful and the purpose was not clear.

We clarify the purpose, select content that matches the user's psychological situation, and appropriately convey information that matches what the company wants to convey and what the user wants to know, thereby helping to return to the site and trigger the purchase of products. I will do it. Our content

We are also building owned media necessary for marketing.

Our strength in content marketing isLogical analysis, strategic design, and quality content provided by experts.

  • By investigating the market, clarifying the persona (target image), and designing the strategy based on the customer journey, you can produce content that attracts more customers.
  • Produced with user-first content in mind. Professional writing is also possible, making it possible to produce content that is more appreciated by Google.

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