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Solution tools

Solution tools

8ppy Live

Real-time questionnaire & quiz system

With two-way communication
Events and seminars change!

From party events to seminars
Connect organizers and users in real time
Questionnaire & quiz system.

8ppy Live is such a system

As the event organizer progresses,
The problem that appears on the monitor
Participants answer with their smartphone
It is a quiz system that anyone can easily play.
Progress is almost real time.
You can create problems as you like.

Do you have any problems like this ?

8ppy Live can solve it!
・ Events are not so exciting
・ I want to listen to the participants
・ We want to take questionnaire easily
・ I want to know the level of understanding of seminar participants
・ Is there anything that can be done with the participation of all members?
・ There is no budget and the event becomes plain

No special equipment is required

PCs and smartphones you usually use,
Easy to use using a tablet.

No special app downloads are required.
* A websocket-compatible browser is required.

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