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Launched “8ppy”, a real-time survey and quiz web app

Lifestyle Design Co., Ltd. has started providing a real-time survey and quiz system “8ppy” as the first project in the lifestyle that combines the concept of “play” and social. I will inform you as follows.

[Service Overview] The 8ppy real-time questionnaire and quiz system is a web application that allows users to easily answer questionnaires and enjoy quizzes using conventional mobile phones and smartphones. Participants do not need to download the app if they read the QR code with their mobile phone or smartphone. The management side can use the iPad and other devices to aggregate the response results on the spot and display them on the screen, making it useful for event management where participants do not get bored. It can be used in a wide variety of scenes, from parties such as joint parties and wedding second parties to events such as exhibitions and contests, recruitment seminars and lectures.

[Site URL] 8ppy:https://www.8ppy.live/ PARTY QUIZ:https://party-quiz.jp/

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