Board Member

Cheif Exective Officer

Representative Director Hiroshi Ishiura

Graduated from Faculty of Science and Technology Information Science, Teikyo University (Journal of Multi-Kei Tsutsui(Currently SOFTBANK BB (Ltd.) Director C.T.O.)Laboratory

In November 2000, he founded E-Entrance as a sole proprietorship, and in March 11, he was incorporated and assumed the post of President and CEO. In August 2003e-Entertainment, Inc.We established, engaged in start-up company as Executive Vice President and CTO. 2009 year 2 month, was invited to the (listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange) President's Office, Inc. optical communication as a project member new business / new company start-up,Crown Consulting, Inc.Engaged in 2010 year 10 as system leader (production department manager). In 2010 month of 11, the company name was changed to Lifestyle Design Co., Ltd. in order to advance to the next stage on the occasion of the 10 anniversary of E-entrance.

Exective Officer

Hiroto Sugii Outside Director and Advisor

Waseda University School of Commerce graduate specializes in "information systems and decision-making" (before undergraduate Nagatsuji seminar)
-Ltd. Sugii Hiroto Projects President
-e-Entertainment, Inc. Executive vice-president
· Business Solutions Co., Ltd. SBI, technical advisor
· Co. freeway Japan, technical advisor
Sakura consultation group, new business development adviser

· Involved in the system construction of 500 more sales, inventory, accounting, and production management
· To develop accounting package to "declaration blue!'ll Do", in the performance of total 30 million bottles, Nikkei Best Impact Award
And deployment · Barrington Univ. MBA get prematurely ASP service cooperation Yahoo, NIFTY, etc. Biglobe the Internet business.
In the book "Data is garbage information jewelry"ISBN4-7955-9911-0

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