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SEO has become a method of marketing initiatives to attract customers on the Web is now indispensable. After a while the word SEO since Google started the service was born and now all aware of the SEO.
I was born that business category were engaged in the business of SEO company called SEO eventually, to the average person has become indistinguishable from I am not sure where a company that supplies the service actually in recent years such agency is rampant .
However, by the development of advanced algorithms than is said in the spring of 2010 and panda update Google, and go is over Googl in Yahoo last fall 2011, not keep up with the evolution, can not type measures, SEO no technical skills contractor selection age is and is to attempt to visit.

Do not have complained to the current SEO company?

SEO or complaints to the company does not have?

▼ service plan provided by the Company

  • SEO Outsourcing
  • SEO Cloud
  • In-house SEO

Technical support will be overall.

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● Anti-SEO image graph

Our SEO service is a service rather than the traditional business model that do SEO support only during the term of the contract, to be able to support in-house and independent in-house and stable long-term SEO.

Anti-SEO image graph

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Introduction service plan

And to ask the company SEO, but the measures decided the keyword in the main, because the keywords and lead to the contracts concluded, the keyword is not so, that when you display the top how much, that does not lead to contracts concluded are common.

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● In-House SEO service flow

Working process in-house SEO

※ Glossary

Satellite sites
It is a site launched to promote the inflow Tame access to the main site and satellite sites. Is a "branch office" is the satellite sites issue "headquarters" main site. Also leads to increased order rates of the main site by multiplying sales at satellite sites. In addition, the content of the site and the satellite itself has been enhanced, from Google as well as a link quality evaluation because it is (page rank), highly effective SEO measures in terms of the main site is obtained.
Old domain
Old domain is the domain and has been operational long. Just as reliable better of the company's long history than the new company, a constant from google gathered inevitably (votes cast in support) link, even if they are not aware of the SEO natural longer history of operation The obtained (page rank) evaluation.
Distributed server IP
WEB site at the link has an IP address from the same link becomes less effective. Disperse method to change the IP address there is now to be taken, referred to as the "distribution server IP" the server is called "distributed IP" make this "Distributing IP".
And CMS stands for content management system.
To operate the Web site, typically, but was required directory structure and knowledge of HTML, makes it easier to update (images and text) content with your own by introducing a CMS.

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● In-house SEO Service Overview

Planning. 1

Performed incidental to it as "satellite site planning" becomes important in the anti-SEO "keyword selection".
Satellite site structure

Maintenance 2. Infrastructure

The infrastructure in order to enhance the effectiveness of SEO. Installation of distributed servers from the underlying IP, will be provided (see figure below ※) high page rank, domain age, link quality, etc., SEO-effective infrastructure.
Domain image

- Building operation. Satellite sites 3

Satellite sites to gather potential access measures and listing advertising alone will not be collected SEO purposes.

Also has the effect of that was to build a satellite site for the purpose based on corporate strategy, and also expected to increase the inflow of the main site also.

4. Monitoring

You identify the verification and analyzes by critical access analysis tools, order inquiries, an increase or decrease access, such as a member "problems that need to be improved" in the WEB site.

And proposed improvement measures 5.

To figure out a good fix to monitoring the "problems that need to be improved", implement and further perform "measure the effectiveness of after improvement."

Is grown and will continue to be successful WEB site steadily high, even to your site gradually by repeating this task.

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