And service "GTranslate" cloud-based automatic translation website, the introduction of customer support, etc., to build a cooperative relationship agreement

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As part of the business that, with the cloud-based home page automatic translation service "GTranslate (Gee transformer late)", for the introduction of such support services promote and customers in Japan, I have agreed to build a cooperative relationship.

A. Service Overview
Service "GTranslate" automatic translation home page, a simple cloud-based deployment system costs and the introduction of low cost is evaluated, and the introduction of a large number have experience abroad. With the introduction of the "GTranslate", to people who can translate languages ​​in real time to 58 months beginning with the English, Korean, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and native language other than Japanese You will be able to appeal a product or service is also widely website.

Two. Benefits
◆ without touching the home page of the Japanese, because the page can create multi-lingual, multi-lingual dissemination of information will be available in real time without having to update tasks.
◆ There is also characterized by cloud-based services, including server, such as cost, to achieve significant cost savings compared to human translation.
◆ In order to improve the accuracy of the automatic translation, it is also possible to order the text translation service in units, to ask the staff or full-time professional translator, a translation from screen manually corrected on the home page. Since everything is completed on the cloud, it is possible to minimize the effort.
◆ Because you can change the URL of the home page for each language, suitable for search engine optimization. For example, if you want to translate into French website for the URL is, the introduction of sub-domain of type URL (, the PRO version With the introduction of the Enterprise Edition directory type URL ( can be set.

Three. Scheduled Start Date of introduction of Japanese support
April 16, 2012 (Mon)

Four. URL site