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Greetings from Ryowa

Thank you very much for your extraordinary support.
I would like to greet you on the occasion that the year is changed to “Ryowa”.

Thank you very much for your kindness during the old era.
Heisei 15 year 3 month 6 year has passed since our company was established.

Our company, which started as an e-entrance, was supported by everyone and celebrated today's good day as Lifestyle Design Co., Ltd.
In addition to the SEO consulting service, we have received many inquiries from everyone, such as 8ppyLive, a real-time questionnaire system, and Gtranslate, a homepage translation service.
We will continue to make every effort to meet your expectations.

Now, I hear that the new era “Ryowa” is sourced from a section of the Manyoshu, which depicts the emotions of people who enjoy beautiful harmony and the natural atmosphere of spring.
In addition to the existing business, we are developing a new web service that closely matches the feelings of people's joy and harmony in advance. I am excited about the joy of delivering it to every day.
In addition to the services under development, we will continue to take on challenges as a whole in the company so that we can continue to patronize them for a long time, aiming for higher quality of services that we have already used.
I would like to thank Lifestyle Design Co., Ltd. for your continued support.

Lifestyle Design Co., Ltd.
Hiroshi Ishiura

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