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Open the top of the sale distributed server hosting IP


In the top-hosting, has been effective in SEO measures (1) IP distributed server (2) Old domain (3) you deal with back link

Ri you.

▼ for distributed IP

Search engines tend to appreciate the things from back-links emanating from the same domain, the domain of the original link has been distributed. Tend to be higher than the site search order is more similar to site, has received a back link from IP address has been distributed and received back from the same IP link.

IP address is a separate number has been allocated to the individual server or PC. Therefore it is usually considered to Different IP address of the Web site, its operators are different. On the contrary, is that a large number of domains that exist within the same IP that there is a possibility of the same operator. Therefore, the algorithm of the search engine will tend to evaluate a greater variety of back-links.

Search engine, there is a tendency to evaluate the distributed domain, IP balancing appreciate their operators will be different in this way to more reliably.


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