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  3. Japanese officially start the service to expand the handling of the Japanese fashion brand × social networks "trendMe"



Press release

Japanese officially start the service to expand the handling of the Japanese fashion brand × social networks "trendMe"

Lifestyle Design Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroshi Ishiura), as part of the business to achieve the corporate philosophy of "propose a different anyone way of life of the world" that the company is working on, Ya Europe a site that combines fashion and social network users is increasing in central South America "trendMe (trend Me)", has agreed to build a cooperative relationship for service promotion and customer operational support such as in Japan.

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A.Service Overview
"TrendMe (Trend Me)" is a service that allows you to create coordination using images uploaded by fashion brands and users, and share coordination with friends through blogs and social networking services. "TrendMe (Trend Me)" has already been used in over 100 countries worldwide and coordination of over 30,000 points has already been created, so you can look at the coordination of people around the world for a fashionable reference. You can also create a coordination plan by registering your favorite coordination, or you can shop at an affiliated internet shop if you like items you like. Contests co-sponsored by the brand are regularly implemented, so you can create a coordination using items of interested brands and apply for the contest. We have already handled more than 150 overseas brands and added more than 30 Japanese brands when developing Japanese services.
■ TOMORROWLAND (Tomorrowland)
■ IENA (Jena)
■ aquagirl (Aqua Girl)
■ JOURNAL STANDARD (Journal Standard)
■ EGOIST (egoist)
■ SLY (Sly)
■ moussy (moussy)
■ CECIL McBEE Other (Cecil McBee)

(1) Coordinate creation Registered users can create coordination using "display items" that express "fashion items" and images richly. The created coordinates can be set to three public settings "private use", "friends limitation", "public release", so you can enjoy the creation and sharing of coordination while protecting privacy I will. (2) Communication You can comment by watching friends or publicly shared coordination, evaluating by pressing the Like button, or attaching it to your own blog or social network service. When you log in, you will be notified of recent friends' actions, so you can easily check what kind of coordination your friends are interested in and what kind of comments were written on your coordination.

Search (3) coordination

Can be helpful to find whether you are creating a coordinated what other users. Can be coordinated to match the search, such as "romance" "Girls Night", the theme and purpose, can help to coordinate their own to suit the situation, a wider range of fashionable.

Two.Scheduled Start Date of Service Japanese
May 16, 2011 (Mon)

Three.Offering Fee
User registration, free to use both

Four.URL site

Company Name: Lifestyle Design Co., Ltd.
· Representative: President & CEO Hiroshi Ishiura
- Location: Agios Annex 5F 1-7-11 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Gotanda
· Main business: planning and management of Internet media for consumers, providing enterprise solutions such as Web marketing
• The phone number:03-6450-2680


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