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We started crowdfunding

8ppy Live crowdfunding announcement
Thank you for your continued support.

By the way, our company started today on July 7st at the cloud funding site "CAMPFIRE".
We started recruiting for crowdfunding.

Click here for the project page↓

Make 8ppy Live an easy service for more people!

For the social situation changed by coronavirus infection,
We have our own real-time questionnaire & quiz system "8ppy Live" (https://www.8ppy.live/)
I would like to contribute by upgrading in a form that is more specialized for remote events.
The support we received from everyone in this crowdfunding is
We will use it carefully as a function expansion and promotion fee for "8ppy Live".

■Crowd funding application period■

From 7/1 (Wednesday) to 8/31 (Monday) 

■Return to support■

"8ppy Live" special discount service and services currently under development
Pre-invitation invitations are available.

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