Adoption message

Our company is ready environment can play an active role as if they have motivation.
All you need to do is "aggressiveness".
To people who think up and then the planning of their services, and want to move the world,
We want joining means.
Welcome to the future you want to meet and entrepreneurial aspirations and dreams, some people like that.
I hope there is not much in the spirit of thinking salaryman, his salary would earn it yourself.
We are aiming to become a presence affect the lives of the people and the world.
We look forward to who have the passion, we worked together!


Salary 20 million yen monthly salary starting salary (projected year 2013)
Gu wait Transportation expenses paid
Raise once a year
Welfare Equipped with social insurance
Work location 10: 00-19: 00
Business hours 恵比寿駅 徒歩4分
Holiday Weekends and holidays
And actual number of people will be employed 2 ~ 3 name
○ Kise graduates Kise 1 graduate recruitment! !

Resume (attached photo), a resume service (only in mid-career)Contact form on our adoption pagePlease send by mail or. After the document review, we will contact you the details. More new graduates are accepted for any entries from the navigation industry employment also passion.