Our representative was introduced to CEO president information August issue.

Our representative was introduced in Tokyo president .tv

It has been posted on the company ZOOM UP of Empire News (No. 2014 / 11 / 5)

Our company has been featured in companies ZOOM UP No. 5594 times of Teikoku Databank, Inc. publication of Empire News (No. 2014 / 11 / 5).

Companies ZOOM UP No. 5594 times
Aiming the mentor of ~ ~ own lifestyle ~~(View larger)

I began selling lifestyle water

Lifestyle Water

Health of the family from the tail water. Stuck peace of mind, safety and because things that make your body daily.

When you think of the health of the family, I chose to first it was natural water.

Lifestyle Design Co., Ltd. began selling lifestyle water.

Lifestyle Water of natural water safe for children and families. Will be delivered to you within your home a delicious safe water in your state-of-the-art water server.

About 70% of the human body are made of moisture. You want to select a family for the good ones more so, because it was something that would be in the mouth of every day. Lifestyle Water will deliver a high level of natural water which considered health of the family.

For detailsLifestyle Water .comfor detail.

Lifestyle Water

I opened service site SEO measures to "SEO STYLE"

As the introduction site of SEO measures service is enterprise solutions, lifestyle design Co., Ltd. was established "SEO Style (SEO style)" on.

seostyle (SEO style)

The success of the WEB site? SEO and necessary for that purpose?

It is to think first and customers.

To understand your business, to know the role of WEB site plays in its business, and to work the WEB site.

That is the mission of our SEO Services.

Instead of "SEO firms in the technology only" do the SEO measures on keywords has been instructed, to analyze the WEB site of the customer,

I suggest SEO measures plan that leads to success.

It is SEO STYLE that provides lifestyle design.


New service SkillStyle the (skill style) was opened

As the first step of a business that combines the concept of social and fusion field as "academic" and "together" in the lifestyle, to the people, which aims to skill up "SkillStyle (skill style)" lifestyle design Co., Ltd., of You Shirashi us as follows: Because we started to provide.


Qualifications and skills information site "skill style"


The skill style, for people who aim their skills, provide the information you are looking for, you aims to be a tool to help the study of qualification.

Towards the summer of 2013, so we are developing a version up now, please stay tuned.

Was published in the newspaper industry 8ppy Bridal

Was published in the newspaper industry - Bridal! 】

Bridal Industry NewsWas published in the September 11 issue 8ppy 2012.

Started to provide real-time survey & quiz WEB application "8ppy (Happy)"

Co., lifestyle design, as the first project that combines the concept of social fields and "Yu" in the life style, below that it has started to provide real-time survey & quiz system "8ppy (Happy)" I will inform you as follows.
[Service Overview] real-time survey & quiz system "8ppy" is, you can answer easily questionnaire using conventional mobile phones and smartphones, is a WEB application to enjoy the quiz. If you read the participants QR code with your existing mobile phones and smart phones, it does not require download of apps. Steering side uses the terminal, such as iPad, because it can be displayed on a screen by aggregating responses results on the spot, can be useful in the event management participants get tired. From the party, such as a joint party and wedding after-party, events such as exhibitions and contests, are available in a wide range of scene until the adoption seminars and lectures. [Site URL] 8ppy:http://8ppy.jp/ PARTY QUIZ:http://party-quiz.jp/

Release of the smartphone version trendMe

And service "GTranslate" cloud-based automatic translation website, the introduction of customer support, etc., to build a cooperative relationship agreement

(: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroshi location Ishiura) Lifestyle Design Co., Ltd. achieved a corporate philosophy "to propose a way of life that may be different from anyone else in the world," the company is working

As part of the business that, with the cloud-based home page automatic translation service "GTranslate (Gee transformer late)", for the introduction of such support services promote and customers in Japan, I have agreed to build a cooperative relationship.

A. Service Overview
Service "GTranslate" automatic translation home page, a simple cloud-based deployment system costs and the introduction of low cost is evaluated, and the introduction of a large number have experience abroad. With the introduction of the "GTranslate", to people who can translate languages ​​in real time to 58 months beginning with the English, Korean, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and native language other than Japanese You will be able to appeal a product or service is also widely website.

Two. Benefits
◆ without touching the home page of the Japanese, because the page can create multi-lingual, multi-lingual dissemination of information will be available in real time without having to update tasks.
◆ There is also characterized by cloud-based services, including server, such as cost, to achieve significant cost savings compared to human translation.
◆ In order to improve the accuracy of the automatic translation, it is also possible to order the text translation service in units, to ask the staff or full-time professional translator, a translation from screen manually corrected on the home page. Since everything is completed on the cloud, it is possible to minimize the effort.
◆ Because you can change the URL of the home page for each language, suitable for search engine optimization. For example, if you want to translate into French website for the URL is http://www.example.com, the introduction of sub-domain of type URL (http://fr.example.com), the PRO version With the introduction of the Enterprise Edition directory type URL (http://www.example.com/fr/) can be set.

Three. Scheduled Start Date of introduction of Japanese support
April 16, 2012 (Mon)

Four. URL site