Information for web designer recruitment

We are recruiting for the following jobs in lifestyle design.

Web designer

It is job of web designer.

Mainly, I will leave the following operations.
· Design creation
· Content creation & page update
· Schedule management
· Banner production
· Fine tuning of Web-based programs ("JavaScript", "PHP", etc.)

Motivation people who want to have direction experience are also welcome!

Employment status Full-time employee · Contract employee · Part-timer
Qualifications My academic background / age is unknown.
Inexperienced people and those with blanks are also welcome. Required Skills
· Web designer experience 2 years or more
· Experience using CSS
· Image editing in Photoshop
· Experience of using illustrator 【welcome skill】
· Director experience
· Design experience using Wordpress
· Experience with HTML5
· Production of smartphone compatible site

【Whoever applies to the conditions below! 】
· Those who can proactively proceed with production

Work location Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1-3-18 Hiroo office building 10 floor -A
Foot 5 minutes from JR Yamanote line "Ebisu station"
Work day Shift system
More than 4 days of the week out of Monday to Friday
※ 2 We will shift for convenience every week.
Working hours 1 days X NUMX hours or more

※ There is basically no overtime.
Salary Hourly wage 1,500 yen ~ (with salary increase)
Transportation cost We will pay up to 20,000 yen monthly upper limit.
Other environment · Clothes, hair style freedom
· Fully quit smoking
・ There is free drink (water / tea / coffee etc)
・ With Uber Eats assistance

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Application / Inquiry

Please fill out the necessary information and send it from the form below.

Adoption inquiry form
  1. ※ Required
  2. ※ Required
  3. ※ Required
  4. ※ Required
  5. About the handling of personal information

    We are committed to the appropriate protection of personal information based on the "Privacy Policy" in the Company. For personal information held or, get to our offer for the business, we will inform as follows.

    (1) Name of the business operator handling personal information
    Lifestyle Design Co., Ltd.
    Yubinbango150-0012, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Hiroo 1-3-18 Hiroo office building 10 floor -A

    Administrator (2) personal information and the contact
    Hiroshi Ishiura, head of personal information protection management

    (3) use of personal information
    The use of personal information held by the Company or, acquired in business activities, I will assume the following.

    Direct use of personal information in the case of obtaining in writing

    Contact Information
    For the corresponding and contact us to your inquiry
    Phone, to handle the requirements become necessary in the application and responses in facsimile

    Partner Recruitment
    In order to respond to inquiries about a Partner

    Application information
    For communication of recruitment and interview, etc.

    Enrollment information
    HR management business and operations for communication

    Retired information
    Because of the contact as needed

    Direct use of personal information in the case of obtaining outside writing acquisition
    For the execution and the contract fulfillment of the contract the work should be noted, our affiliates, agency, it does not provide or commission, such as business partners

    The Contact Us on (4) personal information
    Complaints offer destination related to the handling of personal information; TEL 03-5798-2201 / FAX 03-5798-2880
    Offer destination for request for disclosure of personal information; TEL 03-5798-2201 / FAX 03-5798-2880

    (5) offer destination of the resolution of the name and the complaints of the authorized personal information protection organization that belongs

    (6) For any of that person give personal information
    Himself as a result that occurs the person if you did not give any resistance and the information of the things that give your personal information, please understand that there is a possibility that the results are inconsistent with the will of the person in question.

    (7) the procedures for disclosure, etc.
    The Company, with respect to personal information subject to disclosure, is desired (stop notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction of content, add or delete, use of, stop provision to a third party and erase) the disclosure of information of the person in question In the case that, on confirmation that it is the agent who had you let us know, or the person in question, and then answer in range and a reasonable period of time, correction of information, add or delete, use stop and erase .

    However, if you delete or stop using part or all of this information, you may provide the requested services to reluctantly becomes impossible. (It should be noted that the information that has been held under the relevant laws and regulations, you may not respond to your offer of erasing or suspension of use).

    [How to accept-point of contact for disclosure, etc.]
    The Company, with respect to personal information subject to disclosure, is the offer of disclosure of information of the person in question, it will be accepted by the following method. In addition, please understand that there is a case where it is not possible to respond to the request for disclosure and others that does not depend on this method.

    Acceptance procedure
    To the following of the reception desk, on top of the fill in the "bill on disclosure, etc." of prescribed by the Company, please apply by sending enclose the required documents. (Shipping costs will be borne by the claimant.) By the following method, after confirming that it is your identity (or agent), will respond in writing of the grant.

    Window for name personal information complaint consultation Inquiries
    Contact Address: Yubinbango150-0012, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Hiroo 1-3-18 Hiroo office building 10 floor -A
    Telephone number: 03-5798-2201
    FAX number: 03-5798-2880

    On the application method prescribed fill out the "bill on disclosure, etc.", identification documents or, in the case of agent please be sent to the reception desk along with the proxy authority identification documents. (Commission will not be applied.)
    Your identity verification method (person) driver's license, a copy of the official certificate of insurance card or the like of the health insurance
    Power of attorney and a copy of the official certificate of insurance card, etc. (attorney) driver's license, health insurance
    * I except for sensitive information, such as domicile.